Home Buying Guide for Parents of College Students in San Diego

Invest in Real Estate & your child’s education using other people’s money!

Did you know that if your child graduates from college, in 4 years you will pay at least $20,000 in rent. That money will be gone forever!

Throughout college I found renting to be a burden to my wallet and my state of mind. I grew tired of being at the mercy of landlords, annually finding a new place to live, and throwing money away for substandard living conditions. I did not know what my family and I were missing out on by renting instead of owning! Had my parents bought a home for me and my roommates to live in, they could have used my roommate’s rent money to pay the mortgage. Only in Real Estate can you have other people pay for your investment!

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Owning vs. Renting

If only I had known then what I know now. As a student I was among the large pool of renters for a number of years. I moved three times in my three years of off campus living. I lived in tow bleak, old, rundown apartments. I lost money on security deposits three times from devious landlords, and my parents were never impressed with my living conditions, considering the high rent that I was paying. In the three years that I rented I spent an average of $500 dollars a month on rent. That added up to nearly $18,000 dollars in money that will never be recouped. I have a twin brother, Jim, who graduated from SDSU and he has a similarly poor experience as a renter, and paid even higher rent than I did.

Meanwhile… My friend Mike, and his parents, purchased a two bedroom condominium near campus prior to his sophomore year. He lived in one bedroom and rented the other to a friend. He only moved once in 4 years and never worried about where he was going to live the following year. He had control of all maintenance and was able to dictate his living conditions. Mike also received an average of $600 per month in rental income from his roommate. He as his family were able to realize substantial tax savings and never wasted money on rent. When Mike graduated in 2003 he went on to purchase a home of his own and his parents kept their condominium and currently rent it to other students. Additionally, in the time since Mike’s parents purchased the condominium it has doubled in value.

The Statistics

Jeff’s Rent Expense$500/month$18,000 total
Jim’s Rent Expense$600/month$21,600 total
Mike’s Parent’s Income (from roommate during college)$600/month$21,600 total
Mike’s Parent’s Income (from renters after Mike’s departure)$1,200/month$14,400 annually

Rents near SDSU, Mission Valley, and the beach run $600 per room and more… WAY MORE!

Reasons to Own instead of Rent

  • “OPM means “Other People’s Money”… Use it to earn rental income from roommates
  • Available rental properties are often in poor condition and lack adequate maintenance
  • Historically low interest rates
  • Fixed expenses while in school
  • Deduct your interest expense
  • Your student can focus on studying, not searching for housing
  • Potential for appreciation
  • Rental properties near campus are scarce and demand premium rents


As you may know, enrollment is on the rise at San Diego State, University of San Diego, and UC San Diego. Based on the theory of supply and demand it will be harder for students to find housing and rents will go up. This makes it a perfect time to buy a property so that you can collect those high rents for yourself, and use other people’s money to finance your investment.


Low interest only payments mean rental income will cover the mortgage
Money is cheap to borrow
Purchase a home with zero money down
Less than perfect credit is okay
You don’t have to sell to buy
Refinance your current loan to purchase a new home
Split the mortgage with a partner and buy the home together

I have access to numerous loan officers who will get you the best mortgage possible!

Life after Graduation

SELL YOUR PROPERTY… many parents choose to sell their property after graduation.
RENT YOUR PROPERTY… Rents are always going up and this option can create cash flow
1031 EXCHANGE… Sell your property and buy another investment property and pay no taxes
SECOND HOME… Keep your property as a second home in this great vacation destination
RETAIN AS A HOME… Keep the property for your student to live in after graduation

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how I can assist you in the home buying process. I have helped numerous parents purchase properties for their students in San Diego. Being a Graduate Student at SDSU allows me a unique perspective on the best housing opportunities for your child. Call Jeff Rosa at 619-886-8790.